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Why And How Pipe Leakages Occur

Pipe leaks may originate from anywhere and in order to repair them, you initially need to accurately pinpoint their origins. This is where things get tricky as water is a highly mobile substance capable of travelling in the hidden spaces around your home. Consequently, water leakage Singapore contractors often find that visible water dripping from your ceiling may not have leaked from a high spot in your home at all.

This is why many homeowners struggle to effectively deal with water leakages despite taking prompt action upon discovering dripping water. In order to improve the chances of finding the origin of the leakages, we need to recognise a number of circumstances that might cause pipeline leakages.

Causes of pipe leakages below ground

Modifications in Soil Density

The soil where your house is based on was initially somewhat loose. It was compressed to boost its density and make it risk-free for creating such a substantial structure. It’s feasible that specific areas were not appropriately compressed or the place of your house is susceptible to below ground movements. If so, your home’s structure may move overtime, causing modifications in the pipes.

Dirt Pressure and Tree Roots

The heaviness of the soil and other loads over and around below ground pipes can develop enough pressure to crack the pipelines, causing leakages. The water dripping out of the pipelines brings in roots from neighbouring trees and bushes, and through the splits they delve their way into your pipelines. Overtime, these roots will grow to cause not just larger splits along the pipes but also clog, which ultimately become a major cause of backup in your sinks and drains.


Pressure builds along a clogged area of a pipe. If water stress rises fast, it might induce some connections to crack, or worse– the pipe to burst. It is important to keep your entire pipes system clog-free to preserve a tolerable stress level along the pipelines.

How to Repair a Leaking Pipeline

For practical reasons, you must find out a few repair work to at least prevent small issues from intensifying or to make it much easier for your plumbing technicians to deal with the issue when they arrive.

Determine the reason

The initial step to all pipes solutions is to locate the source of the trouble, because that’s where you will base your method of repair work from. The majority of pipe leaks, however, are caused by either damage along the pipe or a loose joint.

Shut the primary shutoff valve

As soon as you discover the resource of the leak, shut down the primary valve immediately. It can be tough to fix a split or opening or replace a damaged fitting while water is still flowing via the plumbing system. In case the leakage is happening beyond the shutoff valve or near the community pipe, call your local government for help.