What Is The Plastic Injection Molding Process?

In everyday life, we see that nowadays everything has come in the form of plastic. Like, many things have come in plastics such as bottles; have plastic covers on them, lots of plastic utensils, plastic gates, and lots of many other things which are made up from plastic. But those things are used to make by the plastic injection molding process. 

Process of plastic injection molding:

Plastic Injection Molding is the process by which any of the plastic products can be made by giving it desired shape. The plastic injection molding process is the most common method which is used to make or give the desired shape to plastic products. First, the plastic is stored in the machine then melt it when it resin, then it leaves to cool down its temperature. When it cools down then its temperature then it is ejected and giving it any of the shapes that you want. For this work, there are several factories are working who work on orders. 

Plastic Injection Molding cost drivers or factors

If you need any of the items which are made up from the plastic injection method then you can contact those factories and they will provide you the desired product yours. If you give a large order for the product then the cost per piece will be decreased or we can say as higher the order, lessen the cost.  

Apart from this, different factors decided the cost of the Plastic Injection molding products, some are given below:

  1. Material cost
  2. Tooling cost
  3. Production cost

These are the three factors on which the cost of plastic injection molding is dependent. Let us discuss these points in detail.

  • Material cost:
  • Material cost is determined by the volume of material used and the price for its per kilogram.
  • Even it also depends on the volume of production.
  • Production cost:
  • The production cost depends on the total cycle time.
  • Also, the cost depends on the time which is spent on the post-processing processes.
  • Tooling cost:
  • Tooling cost is independent of the total number of manufactured products.
  • This cost is determined by the total cost of machining and designing the mold.
  • For the small production run, the tooling cost has a big impact on the overall cost. 
  • Always try to modify the design of the mold so that the time spending on the machine mold can be reduced. 
  • Even for the large production run, the tooling cost contribution for each part will be reduced when the part volume increased. 
  • However, to reduce the cost per manufactured part, efforts should be focus to given on reducing the total cycle time.

All these decide the cost of plastic injecting products. That’s why it is always said that if the order of production is high then the cost per part or piece can be decreased. Now, you can see that how the cost of plastic injecting products is determined.