Home Improvement

Decor  on Your Walls

Using vintage and antique elements along with vintage photo frames, shutters and much more can give the interior of the house a distinctive yet alluring look. If we consider window coverings, an old one can easily be hung on the wall of your home and turned into a work of art. This can be a great way to fill in the blanks or you can use it to set a new headboard for your bed or you can use these to spice up your office workplace.

Window shutters can add a spicy touch to your space, making it a place of repeated worship. Basically, shutters can certainly do the trick, you can check out the following ideas to see how versatile they can be: –

A Distinctive Wall Art:

Some old yet nicely worn shutters are used as displays on the walls of your home, usually in living spaces, to surprise your home. You can use these old collections on the back of the sofa or on the bed by assembling a bunch of old wooden covers and securing a beautiful mirror in it. Or otherwise, you can choose a paintings  artwork originals  from reputed art stores. , a large size photograph and things like blue paintings ..

Use Them on an Old Window:

Do you have old shutters? Don’t think that you can use them as an addition to your new window covers. Using these rustics and burnt shutters can further accentuate the look of your home’s interiors. Always make sure that you use light-coloured windows with bright ones to give a bold look to the place using the combination of old and new shutters.

A Headboard:

Shutters come in all shapes and sizes and you can also get a few gorgeous things so you can choose the right material for the headboards. You can use your beautiful framed photograph with a piece of art in the middle of two shutter colours next to the wall behind your bed, or to illuminate the stinginess of your home. You can even use multiple shutters together to create individual headboards.

Above the Mantle:

Surprise your fireplace mantel with a touch of more elegance and simplicity, using a combination of old and new, rustic and weather shutters to give you a gorgeous look in the empty space at the top of your fireplace mantel. Use old window coverings made of wood to bring a country like feel to the whole design.

To Store Accessories:

Believe it or not, shutters can also be used to store books, flower pots, bathroom accessories and more. You can use a combination of great and new window coverings to use very closely in the living or study room and bathroom. You can use these shutters to create a bedside table using these shutters to give an innovative look.

For Hanging Things:

Shutters can be used as a perfect alternative to a regular bulletin board and you can slip notes and things in the slot of the shutters or attach some hooks to those shutters that can be used to hang things. Alternatively, you can use clothing pins by tying different photographs to the shutters in the office space or study area.

Take it to a Whole New Level:

If you really like to give a rustic look to your space, try using vintage shutters to cover the entire wall in the bedroom or any dwelling wherever you want. Cover entire walls with old rustic shutters to give a different look to the interior of your home.