Buying gold in 2021

If you went online and searched for gold dealers Brisbane, you may come across a note that says: “Due to the increase in the demand for gold and the effect of the Corona virus on production and transportation of precious metals, gold order deliveries have been extended. Expect delays to your order. However, we ar e working hard to ensurethat your order is shipped as soon as possible”.

This is not only the case for Gold dealers Brisbane but for all gold dealers in the world. If anything, this message should encourage you to buy gold Brisbane whilst the going is still good. 

We’ll look at the different kind of gold bullion products you should buy and why. Eventually, what you decide on should be determined by your own individual goals.

Finding the best gold dealers Brisbane should be easy The best gold products for each investor or collector is a matter determined by their individual taste or goals. 

Investors have various options they can choose from. Let’s look at the major ones:

#1. Bars

When buying any gold bullion, look for products with low premiums. Gold bars have the lowest premiums.  Gold bars are also easier to store, that is why when one thinks of the US Fort Knox, the image of gold bars comes to mind. This repository is able to store the huge amount of gold it stocks in the form of bars because bars are more space – efficient. 


Gold bars come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase a 1 gram bar Easily but it might be hard to find a gold coin or round of that size. You can also purchase large sized bars, as much as 1kg! Again, it would be harder to find coins or rounds in that size. 

Brand names

There are different brands that produce gold bars. The leading gold bar brands include PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, etc. 

Gold bars can come with minimal inscriptions showing the name of refinery, the weight or the fineness. They can also come with decorative designs. 

Gold bars are relatively cheaper, but like with most things, they get cheaper when you buy them in bulk. It might be cheaper to buy a few large bars than the equivalent weight in smaller bars. That being said, you may find that small bars cost less individually than the same amount of individual gold bullion coins or rounds. 

Most bars have a .9999 fineness but you may find some vintage bars with a fineness of .999. This fineness is equivalent to 24k. Gold can never be 100% pure but .9999 is the purest you can expect gold to get. 

#2. Gold rounds

Like gold bars, gold rounds come in different sizes and designs. They are often regarded as a compromise between purchasing bars or coins. 

Gold rounds are shaped like coins but they aren’t as expensive as bullion coins. They also don’t have intricate design features like coins. They generally E in the same size and same purity as gold bullion coins.  Many mints produce gold bullion coins as well as limited-edition gold medals. They can be blank or come to design themes that appeal to different collectors. Gold round sizes vary from 1/10-oz. to 1-oz. and even 5 oz. They are also available in smaller sizes like 1/20-oz. 

With the myriad of designs available it’s advisable that you check with gold dealers or other gold collected which rounds would make a great investment. 

#3. Gold Coins

Gold coins are at the top of most gold collector’s lists. The most obvious difference between gold rounds and gold coins is the design. Government issued bullion coins have a face value. They are also legal tender. This means that they are backed by the government. This means that the government can also impose strict counterfeiting rules and enact punishment to people who produce counterfeit coins and then try to “pass” them off as the real thing. The legal tender status of gold bullion coins is often regarded as a symbolic status allowing government mints to fulfill legal requirements. Just because a coin has a face value of $20 does not mean the actual coin is worth $20  It could be worth thousands. 

Gold coins are convenient in that they can be easily carried in a wallet. They also stack nicely and neatly. 

Why do they cost more than gold bars? Because they have intricate inscriptions that cost more effort and time to produce. Most people buy gold Brisbane not only for its investment value but for their beauty too. 

Ready to invest in gold? Find reputable gold dealers Brisbane that offer their gold products at reasonable prices. Reputable dealers aren’t just good for buying and selling gold, they are also the best people to go to of you want to learn more about gold and making good investment decisions with gold.