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Boiler Servicing: The main benefits

Boiler Servicing: benefits associated with having a complete service
All boilers have to be fully serviced and inspected at least one time a year with a Gas Safe Registered engineer if they are to operate correctly. Insurance firms a service at least one time yearly, you is going quite a distance to significantly increase the life span of your boiler. The added benefits associated with creating a boiler repair service near me include reducing the chance of future breakdowns and saving cash on your monthly bills.

1. Increased efficiency
Boiler Servicing means greater efficiencies

A boiler service can improve boiler efficiency by up to 15% which results in a a greener home and reduced energy bills.

2. Increased reliability of Boiler
Boiler Servicing means a warm home
Regular boiler servicing ends in a decreased chance of breakdown which brings about far more convenient life for you.

3. Reduced potential for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Boiler Servicing means reduced chance of carbon monoxide poisoning

4. Convenient Servicing
Technician servicing the gas boiler for warm water and heating
Instead of waiting for it to breakdown, why not have your boiler serviced which means you means that you can choose a period that is convenient for you!

Boiler servicing is a waste of your time when my boiler is working fine, right? Wrong! Your boiler can have internal issues that are tricky to spot when you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Why wait for your boiler to breakdown, when nearly all problems are often preventable when spotted early on with total annual checks?
Keep reading to determine 5 benefits of gross annual boiler servicing…

A normal boiler service keep your loved ones safe

Faulty boilers can cause fires, explosions and poisonous gas leaks- all potentially fatal for your household. Our gas engineers check thoroughly for just about any broken or weak parts and replace them where necessary, to keep your household safe for the year to come.Reduce your energy bill with yearly servicing

Our gas engineers check that your boiler is working as proficiently as it can be to assist in preventing heat and energy waste. Efficient boilers do not have to work as hard to heat your home, wasting less energy and less money because of this!

Less potential for a boiler breakdown

Boiler checks can spot any problems while they remain small and easy to fix, before they become something much more serious. Because of this, you understand you can rely on your boiler for the next year and the chance of an unexpected breakdown is minimised.

Boiler servicing keep warranty/guarantee valid

Some boilers feature a warranty/guarantee that will protect you from the expenses of repairs or breakdowns with your boiler, for 10-15 years. Not getting the boiler serviced leaves you vulnerable to invalidating this, as a lot of warranties/guarantees declare that they require gross annual boiler servicing.

(Landlords only) Boiler servicing is regulations

As being a landlord, you are in charge of your tenants’ safety, so that it is your task to get all gas appliances serviced every year. The tenants must be offered the gas safety certificate and alerted of any changes designed to the appliances in their house.