Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Raceway and Chicagoland Speedway is overseeing the big range of occurrences that cover many types of rushing, and both facilities always are enthusiastic about introducing new and various kinds of contests for fans of all aspects of the activity to enjoy.

And one particular occurs this weekend when Route 66 Raceway welcomes “Street Outlaws” and their No Prep Kings Series for two times of competition, start Friday. The event will be recorded for the next episode of the favorite show.

“Street Outlaws” has been a popular series on the Breakthrough Route since it made its premiere in 2013. The show features some of the fastest underground block racers in the united states, with the best that Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provides against other top individuals from around the united states.

Racers compete in events around the united states, and whoever gathers the most details through the season will be named the No Prep Ruler. Following this week’s contest in Joliet, the function mind to Morrison, Colorado, and Tucson, Az, later this month.

One of the most interesting areas of Oklahoma City block race is “The List,” a top-10 standing of the greatest street racers in OKC and run by Big Key.

“Oklahoma City has had this underground kind of street racing culture over the years, and this business compete for the prestige and notoriety to be on what they call ‘The List,’ and the most notable 10 road racers make that list, and it’s an honor and incredibly prestigious,” Paddock said.

“This crew from Oklahoma City prides themselves in being the best street racers in the country, and they undertake all comers. They came upon this and found the storyline and began documenting it and covering it, and now it’s become one of the highest-rated programs on cable television nowadays. It’s turned these really average Joe’s into superstars for their contribution on the show.

“What really resonates using their enthusiasts is the authenticity of the and exactly how this isn’t scripted. These guys will work on their autos in their backyards who only need a love for road racing. An individual thought that it was a cool storyline to show off, and it’s created this substantial following now. They’ll be filming this, which instance will air in the new season. So if you enjoy street racing, you can view these celebrities, but you’ll also visit a real, live tv production unfold before your eye and have the opportunity to become a part of that.”

The country’s most thrilling and dangerous races are speeding into Discovery’s Electric motor Wednesday lineup in the all-new series STREET OUTLAWS: NO PREP KINGS. Every week, Outlaws veteran “Chuck” will serve as race professional in a new city and on a fresh “no prep” keep tabs on, where 32 of the biggest labels in no prep sporting – including Avenue OUTLAWS favorites, as well as newcomers – will duke it out to become the best “no prep success” and receive a $40,000 first place bag. With an increase of than $320,000 shared across eight shows, the STAKES are high and the risks are even higher, as local crowds flock to each competition to see which all-star STREET OUTLAWS will arrive, and who’ll win it all. A sneak optimum of Neighborhood OUTLAWS: NO PREP KINGS airs Tuesday, February 27 at 10pm ET/PT and all-new shows continue on Wednesday, March 7 at 9pm ET/PT.

In the wonderful world of street racing, “no prep” racing is one of the “baddest” and dirtiest challenges in the game. Unlike traditional road rushing, no prep racers drive on tracks which have not been primed with grip chemical substances – which helps relationship tire silicone to the concrete surface. The rules are simple, and it’s really every man for himself in each outdoors and dangerous contest.
Avenue OUTLAWS: NO PREP KINGS summons all-star racers from all around the Outlaw family – including OKC’s Ryan Martin, Chuck Seitsinger, Doc, Dominator and Reaper, along with New Orleans’ Kye Kelley, Scott Taylor and Jerry Bird – and also features other no prep superstars, including Birdman, Swamp Thing and Megalodon. Each occurrence has a new matchup in another U.S. city, where considerable crowds gather to cheer on the favorite Road OUTLAWS contender. The OKC crew will lay it all at risk and test their skills on these new monitors – but can they protect their being successful legacy?
Viewers may also be able to get all-new episodes, along with other periods of Block OUTLAWS, on the Discovery GO app – free using their paid TV membership.
Neighborhood OUTLAWS: NO PREP KINGS is produced for Discovery Route by Pilgrim Press Group, with Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis serving as executive producers. For Finding, Craig Coffman and Todd Lefkowitz are exec providers, and Lindsay Malinchak is coordinating producer.