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Natural carpets VS Synthetic Carpets

There are many types of carpets are available in the market. But you should know which carpet is good for your home and your health. Natural carpets and synthetic carpets are available in the market and are huge in demand. People want to renovate their homes and carpets and rugs are playing a vital role in this. Carpets presented to customers in large varieties based on shapes, sizes, and patterns. Do not go for a carpet which looks very beautiful and elegant because it maybe harmful to your health. So, get to know about its manufacturing details and raw materials used in it. Even, natural carpets also used an adhesive for pasting back-end. Synthetic carpets are made of synthetic fibres and much harmful for health because they absorb all kinds of odour and moisture. So, try to use natural carpets at your home which adds natural beauty with new patterns. 

There are some questions asked by carpets users and we give solution to such questions:-

 Are biodegradable carpets healthier as compared to others?

Everyone knows that carpet made from natural fibres and synthetic fibres and a mixture of both natural and synthetic fibres. You will not easily recognise which type of carpet is free from pollutants because quality labels are not bounded with natural fibres. Back end and front end coating did adhesive. Even, in the natural fibre carpet, you will feel a new smell because its back-end is completely synthetic. Before taking your favourite natural carpet or rugs at home, just take a look at the details given by your supplier. Also, check that government certification is available to that retailer or not. Less number of manufactures take interest to use renewable raw material. 

Are natural carpets being long durable?

The answer to this question is somewhat quite complex because durability depends on how to use and where you have placed it in your home. Natural carpets from jute thread are much durable as compared to others because of its dust and moisture resistant quality. Another example of such type of carpet is sisal carpet. 

How to clean a carpet made from natural fibre?

A vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning carpets and tries to clean it in weaving direction. If there is any stain of soil or other, then let it dry and use a brush to remove the stain in weaving direction. Soap and water solution with pH neutral is also recommended for natural rugs and carpets made from jute, sisal and seagrass.

How to laid natural carpet?

Different glues, clamp with nail strips and double-sided tapes used for this purpose. Carpets, which are hand-woven made from cotton or wool, are loosely held. Natural latex named as linoleum used for making the backside of natural carpet or rugs so that it cannot slip on the smooth surface. When you try to glue your carpet down, you should have to avoid VOC emissions. Always try to use low emissions adhesives and you may also lay your carpet loosely coupled.