Ferno Hotels

Ferno, Italy


Ferno is a municipality or commune in the Lombardy Region of Italy. It is a good place to visit, especially for tourists who are looking for a quiet place to rest in but also be able to explore wonderful areas within town or in neighboring communities. The town has developed well, providing residents and its travelers with convenient options as well as excellent services. For instance, medical emergencies are easily responded by dedicated health workers, with fast ambulance service with top of the line equipment and well-trained staff. The city is also served by the Milan Malpensa Airport so that travelers will surely find it very easy and convenient to reach the city.

Fast Facts 

  • The town of Ferno occupies a total land area of 3.3 sq miles.
  • Within this area, there live less than 7,000 inhabitants as of the survey in 2004.
  • It is a quiet place to explore and is located about 35 km south of Varese and 40 km northwest of the city of Milan.
  • A disco club in the city was the inspiration of the hit song “Disco Inferno” in 1976, sung and released by The Trammps.
  • Residents of the town are called as Fernesi. 

Accommodation Tips

When it comes to traveling to Ferno, it is always best to stay in the top-rated hotels in the area. This is so that travelers will be able to enjoy the best of the town and be able to have a good time in the hotel where they stay in as well. Traveling with pets? Nothing to worry about as Ferno has plenty of hotels that welcome furry travelers as well. Perhaps, the best hotels are those located close to the airport because these offer easy convenience to travelers. One of the top picks is Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel and Conference. This hotel not only welcomes pets but is also a wonderful option for most travelers, with modern conveniences such as internet access and cable TVs in the rooms. Book your Ferno Hotels with Reservations.com.

Exploring the City 

A good idea to explore the city is to start with the downtown area. This is where you can find the best shops and stores for buying mementos to bring back home or clothes or any particular item you need. The downtown area is also a good place to taste the best foods and excellent gourmet cuisine. Make sure to bring along or rent a car to better explore the city. Of course, if one really wants to learn more about a city being visited, it would also be a good idea to explore residential areas to catch a glimpse of the architecture of the homes. Try to compare them with the homes back in the neighborhood you are living in.

Best Dining Spots 

Remember that Ferno is in Italy so you will probably have the best taste of local Italian cuisine when visiting the town. For instance, the best and freshest pizzas can be enjoyed at La Piazzetta Restaurant. There are also several hotels with their own restaurants. Do try the food at the hotel you are staying in, is often is quite delicious.